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News Report on Christophrer

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Earlier today, in the town of Swindon, a loving poodle was gruesomely happened. A gruesome murder of a very loving poodle has happened by puncturing a pitchfork through its chest. This beautiful poodle named Wellington belonged to the beloved Ms. Shears, she and many are terrified of who committed this murder. The police have just started to investigate this incident, but have not gotten anywhere with the investigation. In addition, the police did not want to reveal who or how was the poodle found out to have been murdered, but rumors have been going around that a young boy named Christopher was responsible for this. The rumors say the dog itself was discovered by Christopher as he was walking during the night and discovered the dog. The dog he described as punctured and murdered by a pitchfork, that impaled him in the chest. Therefore, the murderer wanted to gruesomely kill the dog with some meaning, for having left the dog in midsight with the wound being portrayed. From interviews with the owner of the dog, Ms. Shears we conclude that someone wanted to take off revenge on her for something she has done in the past. She says “many people do not like me for reasons I am not sure of, but I expect this is why the murdered Wellington.” This murder could be the first of many or just one to give a message to the community or towards Ms. Shears directly. Keep informed on this murderer by the news or local police station.



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