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Night Before Thanksgiving

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Essay Preview: Night Before Thanksgiving

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6465 Rabun Rd

Morrow GA 30260

December 20,2015

RE:  I-130 Morrecia M. Martin (Immigrant)

                 Jonathan R. Holman (U.S Citizen)


PO BOX 805887

Chicago IL 60680-4120

Dear USCIS Officer(s):

The night before Thanksgiving November 25th2015 was a regular day like any other day until I laid eye on a beauty being introduced to me by my friend Shanice Shelton, her cousin Morrecia Martin. Her smile was so radiant she glowed in the dimly lit area of the night club.I took her hand and I knew I had to make her mine. She said nothing and walked away with Shanice. I told my brother then and there that I had just met my wife. He laughed and said “you're funny”.

My eyes were on the prize, Morrecia, and as she stood with her cousin on the stage I noticed that she had noticed me and was smiling at me. I was excited and shy at the same time, no other girl had ever made me feel this way. This seductress looking at me with sultry eyes and that beautiful vibrant smile I could not help but wonder over to her. I stopped just a few feet from her not wanting to be shot down but she sneaked up behind me and placed her hand on my stomach and I went to heaven. She whispered in my ear “what took you so long?” and I said in reply “i am sure I was waiting for you.

she cleverly duped me into giving her my number by not telling me her name saying only that I should text my name to her and she will text me her name in reply. She walked off smiling leaving me wanting more of this heaven if felt when she was close. We spoke all night that night and the next morning I picked her up from her aunts house for our first date. Sadly she went back to Jamaica after only spending 2 blissful days with me. We maintained our relationship with long phone calls and I just fell so deep in love with her. Even though I tried hard not to because the distance scared me and I needed her presence

She returned to Georgia in February of 2015 and I decided then that I could not be without her. I proposed at the same night club that we met on the 11th of March 2015. The rest as they say is still being written.


Jonathan Holman (US Citizen)

Place of Birth: Decatur GA

Date of Birth: February 17,1993



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