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Book Report - a Cry in the Night

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Essay Preview: Book Report - a Cry in the Night

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Jenny MacPartland, a divorced single mother, falls in love with artist Erich Kreuger while working for a New York gallery. They marry within a month and set up home on Erich's vast Minnesota ranch. For several months they are happily married, but Jenny begins to feel uneasy around her increasingly unstable husband. Within a year, their marriage is ripped apart by scandal and Jenny plans to return to New York City until she realizes that she is pregnant and completely dependent financially on Eric. Unsure of what to do, Jenny lives in fear and hides her growing baby from her husband as long as she physically can. As Jenny's pregnancy progresses, she discovers Eric's obsession with his dead mother, Caroline--the exact image of Jenny. As the facts begin to add up, Jenny realizes that she is married to and carrying the child of his. Soon after he finds out she is planning to leave him, he starts to stalk her. Leaves without her on a trip and takes her two children. Trying to find out the truth about what he is trying to do, she also finds out more than that, more in the past and soon she will find...

eing a single parent is hard, but becomes easier when you are swept off your feet by a prominant artist. After the marriage, strange events make Jenny question her sanity. The ultimate test is when she is a suspect in the murder of her ex-husband. Eric, her new husband, has alienated her from friends when she needs them the most. She has nightmares of being stalked in her own home in addition to a phone call warning her to get out. She wonders what could happen to her if the warning is disregarded. She finds out when her children are kidnapped by the very one who murdered her ex-husband. Past murders come to light as Jenny searches for her children. Will she find them in time?"



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