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Nursing as Discipline, Profession, and Science

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Essay Preview: Nursing as Discipline, Profession, and Science

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How do we gain knowledge? In 1978 Barbara Carper identified four different patterns of knowing that form the structure of nursing knowledge. “Personal Knowing” is the knowledge we gain through our experiences, reflections and self-actualization. “Empirical Knowledge” is formed from research and facts. This knowledge guidelines evidence-based practice in the field. “Ethical Knowing” utilizes our own moral code, to protect and respect human life. “Aesthetic knowing” encompasses the skills nurses have for perceptions of nurses. “Knowledge Ideas” and skills all come together when providing care to our patients and their families.

Nursing Ethics is the cornerstone of the nursing profession. Ethics are one of the most important challenges we face on a daily basis. The use of social media has become a daily event. Nurses must be careful with what they post online or discuss in forums. We must always remember to keep the patient information confidential. One such example is when management came through and discussed how we can not even acknowledge the person was at our building at anytime. Any questions should be directed to management. Even acknowledging a person was in our building would be a HIPPA violation. I intervened by directing any questions from other resident to management.” A second high-risk area are posts that could be considered unprofessional or reflect unethical conduct—anything defined as unbecoming of the nursing profession.” (2018, Balestra). Posting negative comments about the workplace can have a negative impact on the perception of the company. Which could ultimately lose your job. I would not want to be viewed as a party girl.

Empirics is a continues evolving knowledge. Though science, studies, patients values and clinician’s expertise we developed evidence-based practice (EBP) as guidelines to providing care to our patients. Over the last month in my nursing home we have had an increase in the number of pressure ulcer on the residents heels. To try and prevent this Management implemented a form, which we are supposed to initial at the start of the shift and the end of the shift that the high risk residents have their feet off loaded or have cushion boots on. “Nursing home staff felt that training did not provide practical skills and was merely a paper exercise.” (2013, Bangova). The same feelings were felt at my facility and the papers are not taken seriously. More needs to be done in preventing pressure ulcer at my facility. I checked my residents at the start and end of my shirt and passed the paper along. I tried to inform my CNA which residents need heels off loaded, Since they are in the rooms more frequently and puts them to bed. In 2008, Mckenny study in Nursing homes had a positive results by implementing an intensive programme of support. Through supervision and education for the staff, to raise the standard of care.

Aesthetic describes the appreciation of nursing,



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