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Ohio Award for Excellence

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Quality Award


Purpose and Background

The Ohio Award for Excellence was started by Governor George V. Voinovich at a press conference at the Columbus Convention Center on October 27, 1998. Nearly ten years later, the award still stands as one of Ohio's most notorious recognitions of both quality and process within the business environment.

Governor Voinovich explained the award best at the press conference by saying, "If we are to ensure Ohio's place as a global leader in the 21st century, all of us, whether we are in government, business or education, must commit to quality principals to achieve excellence. This award will recognize those organizations that are embracing the quality process to ensure success."

The Ohio Award for Excellence is presented annually to organizations that meet and exceed organizational effectiveness criteria. There are four levels, or tiers, of recognition with the highest level being tier IV, otherwise known as the Governor's Award for Excellence.

The award is based upon the criteria set in a nationally recognized award known as the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Quality, simply defined, is meeting and/or exceeding customers' expectations. Organizations vying for this award must continue to improve the process in which they plan, deliver and measure its services utilizing the Baldridge criteria as a foundation for their improvement process that has become known as quality.

The award program was created by the Ohio Award for Excellence Council which is a combination of manufacturing, services, government, education, non-profit, and health care organizations. Organizations in these areas have combined to fund the program in a pursuit of quality excellence in Ohio.

Award Criteria

The criteria for the Ohio Award for Excellence are based on performance excellence used by other states and the Malcolm Baldride National Quality Award. Malcolm Baldridge served as Secretary of Commerce from 1981 until his death in 1987. The award, created by Public Law 100-107, was signed into law after his death.

The criteria for the award cover seven areas of an organization. The criteria are as follows:

1. Leadership - examines how executives direct the organization and how the organization addresses its responsibilities to the public while practicing good citizenship.

2. Strategic Planning - examines how the organization sets its strategic direction.

3. Customer and Market Focus - examines how the organization determines requirements and expectations of customers and markets; builds relationships with customers; customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management - examines the management, effective use, analysis, and improvement of data and information to support strategic direction and performance management system.

5. Workforce - examines how the organization enables its workforce to develop potential and how the workforce is aligned with the organizations objectives.

6. Process Management - examines aspects of how key production/delivery and support processes are designed, managed and improved.

7. Results - examines the organization's performance and improvement in its key business areas. This category also examines how the organization performs relative to its competition.

An organization notifies the Ohio Award for Excellence Board of Trustees of their intent to apply for tier status of I, II, III, or IV. The organization then must complete a 50-page questionnaire that probes the seven criteria for the award. The judging process also includes a four day site visit by trained examiners. The examiners make reports and



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