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One Rewarding Career

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One Rewarding Career

I signed up for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class my junior year and got in. Only a select number of people were allowed to take this class and I was one of them. My favorite subject is Biology so I knew the CNA class would go more into depth, thus joining the class would be interesting. We did lectures in class and then moved to the lab to practice what we learned. Then it was time for clinicals. We spent eight months working at nursing homes and hospitals and I must say this was the opportunity to grow and learn on a professional as well as a personal level. My personality is very caring and I like to help other people. Going there doing my job and doing it right was something I valued. Knowing that I was the one who helped them, made them comfortable, or just made sure they had a great day put a smile on both of our faces. That's when I realized I wanted to be a nurse.

Working as a CNA student, I learned organizational skills, time management and to multi-task. These skills are mandatory for the workforce. I took care of almost fifteen different people a day. Working with different people, I learned how to take care of them according to their preferences, religious beliefs, etc. To some people this may be asking for too much, but, for me this is an opportunity to do something different everyday.

Being a nurse also allows you to explore different fields in health care. You can rotate through the many departments in the hospital or work at other health care facilities such as private offices or clinics. You can specialize in different areas to work with certain parts of the body. I want to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse. A L&D Nurse provides care for women who are about to give birth. They monitor the babies' heart rate, the patients' blood pressure, time contractions and monitor the mother to see how close she is to delivering. Most importantly a L&D Nurse cares for the woman and the baby after the baby is born, and educates the mother on personal care and breastfeeding. Having a child is a special time in a family's life. It is an unforgettable experience for most people. As a Labor and Delivery nurse, I would have the privilege of sharing this wonderful experience with them. This would be the most rewarding element about this career.

I value accomplishment and flexibility over income. I must do my job and do it right in order for me to feel as if I deserve the pay. To me the pay is a reward for doing a good job and to commend you for your hard work. Most people enter into the health care field because of the salary. I myself want to be a nurse because of what I would be doing. I am a people person and I love knowing that I am someone who others can rely on, come to and trust. Also, the job does not follow a step by step, day to day routine. I would be able to go through changes and adapt to them. The ability



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