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One World Essay

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One World Essay

Genetically modified foods are made by altering the DNA of foods. In genetic modification genes are either inserted or deleted. When genes are artificially transferred between organisms that can be bred it is called, Cisgenesis, and genes are inserted from a different species in the process of Transgenesis. In genetic modification the genes are transferred as a virus genome, or physically into the nucleus.

Genetically modified foods such as genetically modified crops has greatly increased America's economy, matter of fact the crops are grown commercially. The U.S. is one of the top 5 producers in the world. Genetically altered corn alone produced 60 million bushels in the year of 1998. Environmentally, these crops have taken up a lot of land, but they have also reduced the use of pesticides and herbicides on crops. Culturally, consumers have become accustomed to genetically modified foods, because of its reduced prices, and many foods today are either genetically modified whole foods or foods containing an ingredient that have been genetically modified. Social reactions for the increase in genetically modified foods are mild and most people have been concerned with health issues.

Genetically modification has impacted our global world by providing the crops necessary for world wide nourishment. Global acreage for genetically modified foods has increased 20% since 2004. Genetically modified foods has become so popular that some countries have made it law to label genetically modified foods so consumers will be aware of what they are eating, although America is not one of them. Also our local communities have recently became very aware of genetically modified foods, and question there nutritional value.

I feel that genetically modified foods have defiantly changed the world. Hopefully for the better, because of the supply of food it provides and its economical sufficiency. The lack of nutrition and cause of allergens recently discovered by scientist has caused me although to doubt its validity for our health. I debate whether I choose to support or deny genetically modified foods.

Genetically modified foods have improved pest and disease resistance, made higher yields, provided advancement in flavor, nutrition, and appearance. There are still some things that make me doubt its contribution to our health like its cause of food allergens, and it's lacking in nutrition in comparison with a fully organic crop. It seems researchers are doing there best to improve genetically modified foods and limit the resources. I feel genetically modified are necessary to providing resources for our growing nation.



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