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Onecafe Company Case

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Essay Preview: Onecafe Company Case

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One Cafe restaurant is originally started by OneCafe Company that famous for marking coffee in individual portion that remember the coffee bean. This was started the trend of tea bags. The one café company is making their products in Uganda and sale internationally. This company did its research in Africa and Uganda. They set up their café in Ireland and many other places. This café that is placed in Ireland, which is the home for local, friendly and relaxed experience This is opened early morning to early evening. On Monday to Wednesday, it open at 9am and close at 5pm. On Thursday to Saturday, it open at 9am and close at 6pm. And on Sunday and bank holidays, it open at 10am and close at 6pm.    

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                                                    Task 1


A: - concept of marketing: - the concept marking is a more recent and new business philosophy and cafes that are being increasingly adopted in the industry of hospitality. It holds that achieving café’s organizational goal depends on determining the people demand, need and wants and more effectively then competitions, giving the fully satisfaction and soothing experience to café’s customers. Marketing is a process, that is social and managerial which every individuals and groups try to obtain what are need and want that are creating and exchanging products and value. The OneCafe uses the relationship marketing concept. According to this concept the cafe try to focuses on building and maintaining a relationship with an organization’s profitable guests. The relationship management used by cafe is aimed to create an association between the cafe and its loyal customer rather than examine the relationship merely transactional. This café is the home for friendly, local and relaxed experience.

  1. Needs of guest: - the customer needs is very vital and main concept of marketing. It includes all physical need like food, safety, warmth, and the social needs like affection, love hate, relaxation and fun. These needs are not used by marketing but these are the common and basic needs. When a need of the customer is not satisfied then customer tries to find the alternatives for that needs. Employees in cafe industry try to develop objective to satisfy the people needs. The OneCafe has built its business aim to satisfy esteem need of recognition and prestige. The cafe gives service according to the customers need.  After understand the need of the customers the cafe facilitate them.
  2. Customer want.  Customers want from the cafe fully enjoyment during their activity in the café. And this gives full guarantee for this. Moreover, this cafe is located in the heart of the city and customers want for it is fully fulfill. This cafe is very near to business hub. This cafe provides delicious food with excellent coffee and tea that’s a main want of customers.
  3. Customer demands: -this is a quality of service and product that the customers willing to purchase and buy.  The cafe knows the demand of the guests. So the cafe has different type of food items and menus as per customer requirements. So the cafe is able to satisfy the customer need, wants, and demands.  
  4. Customer satisfaction: - guest satisfaction is depending on the service and product perceived performance to satisfy the customer expectations. If the product or service performance fails to satisfy then the customers become unsatisfied. Customer expectation depends on past experiences, word of mouth, friend’s opinions and information related to the café. The purpose of a cafe business is to make and retain profitable guests. Satisfied guest leading to the cafe toward profit is the central goal of service marketing strategy.

Question 2

Answer: - the marketing environment: - this environment is mainly of two types one is macro and second is micro. In micro the café making relationship with the customers by giving them value and satisfaction. It is very important for the marketing plan for working close with café’s micro environment, café’s whole sale suppliers, retail suppliers etc. on the other hand the macro environment means change in political, technological and cultural changes. These are able to make big change in the service industry.

  1. Economic: The economic environment consists of all economic factors related to production and distribution that have an impact on the cafe business of the company. If we talk about recently pasted recession, the number business and regular customer affected by it and there number was decreased dramatically. But the OneCafe does not affected by it because it provide some concession and advertising about new plan and coupon that did not allow the market to effect its business.
  2. Political : - The service industry enjoyed a reputation for political stability. The Government of this provides different motivational service for service industry by creating the Ireland Hotel and cafe Association. The members of this association will have a discount to all accessories and new breaded equipments products. This cafe is the member of café association so that the cafe has an excellent support from cafe association. The government has always been in favor of the service sector. The Tourism Board of the country has given million to service industry to give motivation. The government cooperated with other neighboring countries to develop public welfare. With such encouragement from the government, the cafe has gotten full cooperation and support from the political stable country.
  3. Technological : - Technological developments are increasing rapidly. The technology related social media applications are important tool to promote cafe’s product and service. The technology is very important for future of the service industry and for this competitive environment. For example the cafe uses different technologies to communicate with their staff members and customers like walky-talky, tablets for order taking etc.
  4. Social-cultural: - The social and cultural environment consists of trends which are putting effect on cafe organization. The most important social changes in these years have been the entry of a large number of women into the service industry. Now women are getting handsome salary as compare to the past and they are not getting marriage for long time. And they may travel more for the purpose of business and leisure. It has created the demand for more products and services such as cafe with entertainment zone. This factor has a positive effect on OneCafe because it has a chance to increase their revenue by up selling its produces.
  5. Law environment: - the service is significantly affected both negative and positive by government law and their agencies. The One Cafe is the member of the hotel and restaurant  association so that the cafe has an excellent support from this association.
  6. Customer:- The target café’s customers  is  businessman and travel corporate customers. Ireland is the hub of all financial sectors and to attract all corporate businessmen and local people. The cafe is very near to business center. It is a positive point for cafe. Because more and more guest wants to eat in One Cafe because the café understands need, want and demand of all types of businessman and locals.

Question 3

Answer: - the guests or customers are the main and vital part of food and beverage industry because they are the key for the success of the entire business. The customer culture is the part of the service industry and giving psychological and sociological impact spending and buying behavior of the guest in this café industry. This is the function of personal force of external environment and influences that show the generic model that reflect the customer behavioral pattern. It is possible to give 3 reason of coffee culture that rapidly increased and developed in each and every city of the world. Firstly, the people of the world have been exposed to overseas coffee and café culture by traveling different party of the world and by media. These are increasing education and respect to the coffee and drinks they get. On the other hand the increasing number of visitors is creating tremendous demand coffee and café-styling. The local chefs and business persons has exposed other countries café and coffee culture, developed new techniques and coffee products. One element of the coffee culture is significant study of degree is the main role of services cape, the physical service that gives physical surrounding in which the café and coffee culture experiences.



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