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Oneplus 5 - Marketing Report

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Essay Preview: Oneplus 5 - Marketing Report

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Marketing Report

OnePlus 5

A report submitted to

Prof. Rajesh Nanarpuzha

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course

Marketing Management

By Group A4

Kumar Ankit (177101)

Rajesh Sreerama (177155)

Sarthak Anand (177173)

Shreya Upadhyaya (177192)

Shrivastava Mohit Dwarkaprashad (177196)

Section A



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Table of Contents

1.        5C Analysis        3

1.1.        Customer Analysis        3

1.2.        Company Analysis        3

1.3.        Competitor Analysis        4

1.4.        Collaborators Analysis        5

1.5.        Context Evaluation        6

2.        Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning        7

2.1.        Segmentation        7

2.2.        Targeting        7

2.3.        Positioning        7

3.        Marketing Mix        9

3.1.        Product        9

3.2.        Place        10

3.3.        Promotion        10

3.4.        Pricing        12

References        14


Figure 1: India Smartphone Growth by Price Band and Rankings Q1 2017        5

Figure 2: Oneplus5 high performance perception        8

Figure 3: Perceptual map for Oneplus        8


Table 1: Communication strategy        8

Table 2: Advertising budget        9

Table 3: Experience budget        10

Table 4: social media marketing budget        10

  1. 5C Analysis
  1. Customer Analysis

A consumer’s buying behavior is generally influenced by various factors like social, cultural and political factors. Culture is the very core of a person’s buying instincts and wants. A few personal factors also influence the buying behavior such as age and stage in life cycle. There are multiple companies that try to make good products, but that's not the goal of OnePlus, to just exist in the market. 

The customer in India usually wants smart phone with flagship specifications at significantly lower prices. The consumers wanted phone with speedy processor, the trending dual camera setup that allow for a longer zoom and lets you take those rather nice bokeh-effect images, fast charging and mostly a dual-sim feature that allows user to carry single phone all this amazing features at a much lower price than what is currently offered. The phones currently offering some of the above listed features usually come in the premium segment of pricing, which are offered by iPhone, Samsung, Sony Xperia, and Google Pixel. Whereas the other phones offered by the likes of Oppo, Honor, Xiaomi or the lower sections of Samsung even though they are in the lower price range do not offer most of the features that is required by consumers.

OnePlus 3T one such product of the company which was in line with the company policy was up to the standard of other flagship phones in the market and the pricing was convenient for the targeted young working professional from big cities. The camera of OnePlus 3T was good but not great and did not offer the dual camera feature.  Availability of a feature phone having all such specifications at a much lower price than the ones present would influence the consumers buying behavior.

  1. Company Analysis

The Company stated that “OnePlus is a technology startup committed to bringing the best possible technology to users around the world”. Created around the mantra Never Settle, it creates beautifully designed devices with premium build quality. Dreamers is the concept of its inspiration as they want to be perceived as one of the best products which the users around the world would enjoy using. Themix of quality construction along with regular software updates makes it stand out of the herd of other smartphone manufacturers. And even now with its recent launch of OnePlus 5it offers a premium specification phone at a modest cost. The positioning has shifted from selling flagships at mid-range prices, to selling flagships at reasonable prices, targeting the premium market directly.

The Company believes that most of the smartphone manufacturers are more concerned about the marketing of the product rather than making the best product. Whereas OnePlus are not spending that much on marketing or on the channel cost because in the end, consumers have to foot the bill and it results in higher prices of the phone. With its recent offering OnePlus 5 it provides lightning fast processing speed even when running multiple apps at once, the dual camera which they started working on a year ago for the current model and were a bit conscious about the cost of educating customers about a Dual-Camera being too costly, but thankfully, Apple did that part and now it can be incorporated in the phones without an additional cost. This feature allows for a longer zoom and enables to take rather nice bokeh-effect images that keep a central object in focus while blurring the background and differentiates it from the other low priced phones in the segment.

  1. Competitor Analysis

The Company OnePlus debuted in the Indian Market with its product OnePlus One, which was perceived as a flagship killer moniker. The idea was to provide a smartphone to the consumers with premium specifications and at almost half the price at what the competitors were selling. It was able to catch the attention of a large population of the market looking to buy or upgrade to a new device. The price being on the lower side also warranted the risk of trying out new phone for the consumers. This gimmick worked with the people and the product OnePlus One was an instant hit. After the initial success in the market and riding high on the momentum and the company expanded its portfolio with the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T with the hopes of penetrating the lucrative mid-range segment and thereby increasing the market share by offering new formats of the core product. But it was unsuccessful which led to the declining in the sales of the product. With OnePlus 5 it has also returned to the one phone a year strategy, something that had worked for the company in the past thereby making the core of the brand distinctive.



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