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Online and Traditional Dating

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Essay Preview: Online and Traditional Dating

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Although Online and Traditional dating sharing some qualities, traditional dating is should be used in today society cause it is more effective then online dating in first impression, location, and time frame.

First impression is very important to both online dating and the traditional dating. It give you that psychical attractive in meeting someone in person. Traditional make you get to know that person personal. The benefit of meeting someone in person can tell that induaial if they like them or not. Other than online dating it is easier to find someone online then meeting them in person. But traditional give that person the feeling of know someone, on the other hand online people can lie to about how they look. Traditionally, when a person met somebody, date was established, they already knew that they were somewhat interested in that other person based on interests or appearances they if may send an old picture of them instead of a recent picture. Giving people that expression that they are telling the truth and not lying about who they are. online make it easy for predator to search more faster for potential individual to be harm. Some people might also may make up stories about themselves that might have been obvious in a traditional face-to-face initial meeting. Usually getting dates on the internet is not a good idea for most people to get a date. Traditional dating have more effective on people to get that first impression.

Another reason why traditional dating in more effect in the dating world instead of online dating is the location. The location of where the person meets up is important. Mostly in the traditional way od dating you would meet a person by work, friend, neighbor, family, and parties. Let the individual flirt with other people around their area, then looking That was the only way a person can meet someone. Now days the online take that away instead you can search millions of people around the world. Not know who they really are in real life. Traditional dating makes a person to go out and meet someone special in a variety of different place to see someone. Make that person feel more comfortable in their own surrounding. When they do it can make it easy for them to meet someone. But on the internet is don't always get that sense of meeting someone online rather than traditional.

Last, time frame in both the online and traditional dating have some qualities to them, but traditional take more time to establish then online. It take maybe days, months, even years to get that connection. Timing can be good for meeting a person traditionally, it give a person more time to get to know someone better. That can be more awarding for most people. Online dating it's a such quicker way to meet a person. It can narrow the search for the opposite to make it more easy. Also some people have certain way for a date with the same person that can be ascertained in online profiles that can benefit a



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