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Opportunity to Do Right

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opportunity to do right.

Hassan and Amir come from two different walks of life, making them two very different people. This makes it very hard for the two to relate as a whole. Hassan is a servant who works for everything he has, and suffers throughout his childhood. Amir is a privileged yet selfish individual who only worries about himself and his interests. Hassan earns everything that he has, except his ridicule. Amir works for nothing, while characters in the novel continuously sacrifice for Amir.

In the beginning of the novel it is told that Hassan sacrifices for his friend by taking the punishment for their mischief. A little later in the novel Hassan again makes a sacrifice Amir, but this time a more serious price. He sacrifices his body, innocence, and peace of mind in order to get Amir's kite. He later again sacrifices his good name, by admitting to stealing Amir's present. Later still in the novel it becomes necessary Baba sacrifices his life in Afghanistan prestige and lavish in order to grant Amir the fresh start he so desperately desires; without the leaving of the home country Amir would never have had the new beginning he clings for , so even with the sarifices being involentary he still manages to benefit from them.

Hassan and Amir have different vantage emotional well being he attempts to get rid of the problem by getting rid of his friend. His will to be selfish promotes the roadblock that is already between the two, which has been put up by the socialism and classism, which justifies Amir's selfishness and lack of caring toward Hassan's well being. Even when he has to save Sohrab he continuously makes excuses



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