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The Land of Opportunities - America

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Essay Preview: The Land of Opportunities - America

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The Land of Opportunities

People came to America for many different kinds of reasons like for a second chance at life, job opportunities, freedom of religion, and a better life for future generations. These facts are somewhat true today, however it holds many restrictions to achieve these opportunities in today's success. Ιt is almost impossible for 1st generation immigrants of America to achieve the American Dream of living in the suburbs and a white-collar job. Most of the time, immigrants are poor and they hope to send their children to college in order to achieve middle class status. This is a lot harder for immigrants from Latin America and Black Americans than it is for Asian immigrants from China, Japan, Korea and India, South East Asian immigrants face the same dilemma as their Black and Latino counterparts in that they get fucked too much by society. America's bourgeoisie ruling class has an iron grip on the country and how the rest of America is suffering because of selfish ruling class that we do not have universal health care, and how even public education is so expensive. The bourgeoisie manipulates the public and starts wars in the name of profiting and how that is detrimental to the American working class, since we are the ones dying in these bullshit wars.

I've lived in St. Louis my whole life. The whole city isn't deadly and dangerous. There are certain areas that I won't go because they're really shady but every city has that. Pretty much don't go to North St. Louis, that's where majority of the murders happen, it's definitely where all the shootings of 10-19 year olds are happening, pretty much every day. It's really sad. And for all the people who say it's a race thing- you all are ignorant. It's a poverty thing. All the lower income areas tend to be more dangerous, be they majority white, black, or whatever. Poverty breeds trouble, not race.



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