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Organizational Behavior - Agency Policies

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Agency policies/Budgets

In 1969, criminal justice policy was guided by the President's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice. A system was advocated by the Commission to improve coordination among law enforcement, courts, and correctional agencies within the criminal justice system. The system provides policies for agencies to follow as a guided set of rules for governing conduct an order in a society. Agencies have separate sets of responsibilities and specialized role to perform. The justice system is one of the only areas in which a case can potentially access all level of the local, state, and federal government. To understand how the system works, certain agencies are involved and the statutory authority holds a big part of responsibility.

The criminal justice systems collaborate, coordinate, and have comprehensive systemic planning that include all level of the government. There must be neutral forum that allows this process to take place. An agency head may authorize the insurance of agency acquisition regulation that implement incorporate agency policies, procedures, contract clauses, solicitation provisions, and forms that govern the contracting process control the relationship between the agency. Agencies may also authorize the insurance of internal agency guidance at any organizational level, by doing these designations and delegations of authority, assignments of responsibilities, work flow procedures, and internal reporting requirements are needed.

Budgets are divided into major sections that provide information on a broad range of budget related topics, including anticipated state revenues, gubernatorial policies, new initiatives, as well as the reductions and efficiencies in a budget. A budget proposal generally includes a description of the State's economic situation and the expected impact of projected economic trends on the state's fiscal condition. Revenue's and expenditures provides an overview of the economy, revenue outlook, and the estimated impact on the economy. The major state judicial and criminal justice programs include support for different department within the executive branch as well as expenditures for the state court system. The state also provides funding to local governments, to support public safety activities.

In 2009-10 the Governor's budget proposes General Fund expenditures of $12.3 billion for judicial and criminal justice programs, which is about 13 percent of all General Fund spending. This amount includes support for operations, capital outlay, and debt services for related facilities represents a decrease of about $786 million or 67 percent, below the proposed revised level of current year spending for these programs. The proposed spending reductions for 2009-10 differed significantly from the earlier trends of significant budget increases for criminal justice agencies. Expenditures



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