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Organizational Behaviour

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Organizational Behaviour

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Part A-Introversion versus Extraversion

I think introverted people are quiet and like to spend time in their own space and avoid big groups and social situations.  They are the type of people who socialize when needed but do not go out of their way to meet after work or school or wherever they spend most of their day.  Extroverts are the type of people who thrive and look forward to social situations and interactions and need the constant communications from the outside world.  I am an introvert.  I enjoy my own time and being in my own space.  I don’t mind a social gathering occasionally, but if I have the choice to attend something I try to avoid it.  I am very friendly and talkative at work but enjoy my time at home with just my family.  For example, I just started a new role as a supervisor at Ford Motor Company.  I supervise approximately 120 people on my line.  As a supervisor I am required to be outgoing and friendly and be able to talk and listen all day to people and be very social.  When an email goes out every Friday by a colleague to meet after work to everyone I do not do that.  I prefer going home and just spending my time in my own space.  Although we are encouraged to do team building events outside of work, if I have the choice not to attend I do not go.

Part B-Locus of Control

Internal Locus of control is feeling like what you achieve in your life or have achieved in life, is all by your own efforts.  External locus of control is thinking that everything in your life is by your destiny.  Thinking whatever happens in your life was meant to happen and really you could not have controlled it yourself.  My locus of control is external.  I feel like if something was meant to happen in my life regardless of what I could do to try to change it.  I feel like if I tried to prepare for

a job or interview or anything else in my life, if I don’t get the job, house etc.  no matter what I did it was not meant to happen.  I applied to Ford Motor Company many times and was interviewed for different roles.  I was not hired for those jobs that I applied for but am now a supervisor.  I feel it was not me and however I prepared for those jobs, just that those jobs were not in my destiny.  I was not meant to do those jobs, but this is the job that was meant to be.  It is my destiny.  I have little control of the outcome.

Decision Making

Rational thinking is making decisions based on logic and reality where intuitive decision-making is deciding based on your gut feeling.  For example, my husband and I rent out a few homes.  When I speak with a potential tenant I get the background and references first and will have a conversation with them.  There are many times when everything will check out good on the tenant’s side, but my own “gut feeling” will say this person does not seem right.  That is when my intuition plays a role where I will pass on this person just because I get this weird vibe.  I have done that a few times.  I would like to go on vacation this year and will have the money to do so as I have taken on this new job.  I will not go on vacation though because my mind as told me based on logic, it would make more sense to pay off some debt and save, which would make more sense than going with my heart and sitting in the sun.  So that is what I will do, I will put the money towards paying bills and saving to renovate our house or put it towards something more logical.

Conflict Handling Styles

Five types of conflict handling styles are:

 Accommodating-co-operating to a high degree with the other person, going by the knowledge that the other person is more experienced it the situation even though it may compromise your own goals or objectives.  

Avoiding-this is when you pretend there is no issue, not dealing with the problem, just putting it on the shelf and avoid it all together.  

Collaborating is when you work with the other person or party and put your minds together to come up with a solution to the issue.  Rather than trying to find a middle ground solution, you would aim for a solution that satisfies everyone and ends up being a win-win situation.



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