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Overall Project Planning

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Overall Project Planning

        The first week will be profitably used in overall planning for the project. The project planning includes the analysis of data need for the project considering the financing, marketing, management, technical, taxation and legal and socio-economic aspects. This stage will allow the prospects to finally make the economic decisions as to the introduction of the project.

Source of Funds (Date)

        Sixty days is to be alloted in acquiring the capital that will be used in the business operation. No difficulties in acquiring capital to run the operation since this will be coming from the partner’s personal resources.

Acquiring Licenses and Registration (Date)

        Three weeks is to be alloted in securing all the important documents that are needed such as permits and licenses.

Canvassing for Sources and Raw Materials (Date)

        One week and a half will set for canvassing of the raw materials particularly in the wet market.

        Low prices yet high quality will be the priority in canvassing of the ingredients like bread, hotdog, bread crumbs, egg, cheese and oil.

Acquisition of all the Materials and Equipment needed for the Opening of the Business (Date)

        At this point of time, all the materials and equipment needed in the business will be acquired and will be placed in the production area for preparation and will be check if this needed materials and equipment will be fully ready for the production process.

Normal Operation (Date)

        After all the activities have been completed, the normal operation can start.




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