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Parties Over

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Parties Over

Well, one of the incidents that I was pressured into was throwing a party with drugs and alcohol. This happened when I was about 15. Back then I lived with my mother (who was, at the time, a heavy drug and alcohol abuser).

The whole conversation that lead to this incident happened on a friday night walking down the street. I was walking with my best friend Casey Powers. We were headed to the Chisholm Youth Center for the night. The conversation started with him asking if he could come over and stay the night. So as with any kid that age, I jumped on the idea. The only problem was that my mother said to not have anyone over because she was going to a “funeral”.

I figured, since I know there was no funeral and she was just out partying getting high I thought I might as well invite a few more people to my house. So from there I started inviting a few more people. But the problem began when the people I invited started inviting even more people. Some of the people they invited I knew, and hated. Some of them were people that I knew that were on hard drugs! Anyway, before I even knew it, there were around 30 people at my house. It was absolutely outrageous! Me only being 15 years old, I had no idea what to do. I even noticed that people were bringing booze, weed, and all sorts of other drugs.

Back then, even though I grew up in that harsh environment, I never used any drugs or alcohol. I made it a life goal to never turn into my mother no matter how much I was set up to fail. Back then I was a C average student but I still tried my best at whatever was thrown at me. So being the “good kid” it was really hard to deal with this situation.

So, just like the story Salvation, I just went with the flow. There really wasn’t much I could do to stop anyone anyway, me being the small scrawny kid that I was. I decided that, since this situation presented itself, I might as well party and enjoy the time that was left with everyone else. I didn’t do any drugs or alcohol, but I did game, dance, and party with the rest of them.

One of the biggest problems I ran into at the party were that there were so many couples there. And we all know that when there are parties with couples there, there is going to be sex. And for some reason my mother’s room was the center for all of that action. Her room was destroyed by the end of the night because of that.

Later on in the night, I also began to realize that things were being stolen as well. There were cloths, booze, and drugs all stolen out of my mother's room upstairs and from the kitchen. Me being the small, scrawny, and weak 15 year old, there wasn't a single thing I could do to stop anything. It felt completely hopeless.

Eventually, morning came and I started cleaning up. Unfortunately, not soon enough though. My mother came home at the



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