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Patriotism and Cosmopolitanis

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Essay Preview: Patriotism and Cosmopolitanis

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In the first section of the course, we have focused on the issues of education and autonomy. We have learned to think of the self as a construction, built through the process of education. Plato helps us understand how moral education develops autonomy, and Lakoff & Johnson (and Bohm and Orwell) teach us that this educational process depends on the metaphorical concepts that make our thinking and self-expression possible. Nussbaum, Mill, and Friedman force us to think more about our moral values and the way we freely express them. Pinker helps us understand the biological conditions and limits of our freedom, while Emerson pushes us to think about how society and tradition can also limit our individuality.

Using the guidelines below, develop a unified (clear thesis) and coherent (clear connections among the parts) paper of 4-5 pages (i.e., approximately 1250 words). Offer valid arguments not only for your side, but also against the main points for an opposing side.

For documentation, use the MLA format given in the Prentice Hall Reference Guide; that is, use parenthetical citations in the text followed by a list of sources cited at the end of the paper, e.g., (Orwell 41) after a citation from Orwell on p. 41. Remember to make the subject the subject.

You should enhance your thesis and your whole argument by making reference to at least two of the authors we have read. You need not agree with them, but you must include their views as you set up your own. Try to get the authors into "conversation" with one another so that you draw out the points of agreement and disagreement with each other. You may also use the film as an illustration of your point.



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