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Paulo Freire Contributed a Philosophy of Education

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Essay Preview: Paulo Freire Contributed a Philosophy of Education

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Paulo Freire contributed a philosophy of education being a believer of progressive teaching and opposing to what he called the "banking" concept of education where the student is viewed as an empty account to be filled by the teacher. In his research paper "The Banking Concept of Education", Freire classifies the banking system as "an environment where teachers are the narrators and the students are the recorders". He stands for the idea of education that is a combined process where teachers and students learn to think critically and work together. He offers a solution: a problem-posing education.

According to it, teachers and students become one and teach each other. It is considered in many research papers and essays that both these systems are not perfect and there is a lot to be criticized.

Should "facts" be the only goal of education? Rousseau and John Dewey were also strong critics of such a way of education. Freire sees the relationships between a teacher and students as the basic part of classroom participation but these democratic social relations are still not equal. An educator should learn students through interaction and do not transfer the authority he has into authoritarianism.

The problem of democratic education is what lies on the grounds of the banking concept of education analysis. From the modern point of view, Paulo Freire's banking concept of education asserts that nowadays modern education is considered as a possibility for educators to render certain info to students without building any friendly relationships between teachers and students. Many teachers fit Freire's pessimistic visions making a learning environment not simply an unsuitable one but unbearable. Do you not agree that many teachers seems even to be tyrants?

"The teacher knows everything and the student knows nothing" says on of the qualities of Freire's education vision. Seems familiar, isn't it? When you hand in your term paper or research paper and your professor return it to you with the words "It's wrong", isn't it what you are thinking about? The majority of students would agree with this quality. However, the one stating that "the teacher talks and the students listen-meekly" is simply a fiction: teachers and professors prefer to listen to students' opinions, presentations and answers rather than explaining the material themselves.

Many students have already experienced a number of teachers' and professors' instructions that fit Freire's banking concept of education summary perfectly. Still there are many exceptions to the "rules" and students also have wonderful experience in learning in a comfortable environment. All in all, Paulo Freire's banking concept of education is a complaint about the majority of educating methods used now. It is vital to believe in democratic education.



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