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Peace and Development in Sri Lanka

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Essay Preview: Peace and Development in Sri Lanka

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"Politically, Sri Lanka must ensure that the baggage of history is left behind and concentrate on working together so as to establish a peaceful and safer country. Economically, there are several models Sri Lanka can follow" Dr. Mahathir Mohamed told journalists at the conclusion of a two day visit to Sri Lanka at the invitation of the Sri Lanka-Malaysia Business Council.

Peace is not a just a simple word. It has very deep and strong meaning all together. It consists of freedom, happiness and harmony in all aspects. In addition to that it notes not only what you belong to physically but also need mental freedom and happiness.

Meaning of development is not material development along. Although high rise buildings, luxury vehicles and cash contribute to the development to some extent but in reality, development is not only that. Human beings should be developed spiritually. For all of this ( to fulfill or achieve above mentioned requirements or goals) the rule of law of the country should be protected or safe guarded.

When we think about our country, for the last thirty years we have had a very dark era or chapter of peace and development. When the period or era after Sri Lanka gained freedom from the British administration dawn of peace and material development Sri Lanka had achieved became the envy of western as well as eastern. But thirty years of bloody brutal war in the North and Eastern provinces destroyed everything in a matter of days.

Now brutal war is over or war against terrorism is over. Again we are experiencing shadows of peace at the moment. But to make or become it bright, sparkling with liveliness, happiness and excitement the powers that be should clearly identify root causes which caused this brutal war and find proactive solid political solution for it. On the other hand this was based on communalism. All races or people of different communities should enjoy equal rights. It is the right of a well disciplined human society. And also the powers that be and major community should win the heart and mind of the minorities who bore the brunt of war (faced this ethnic war). We should welcome and think of considering different cultural communities and different religious communities living as one nation under one national flag and identify ourselves as one nation as Sri Lankans. Likewise if we do not take responsibility to respect each other then we will have to face a similar disastrous situation again. Every time we should prove equality by action. If such an environment is made then we can propel the country towards development.

To the road of development can be entered if people who live in above mentioned environment work with unity and sacrifice. To develop the country, income of the country should be increased. To increase the income of the country, it should have very strong labor force. To improve the income of the country, the gross domestic product of the country should



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