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The Peace Movement

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Essay Preview: The Peace Movement

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The Peace Movement

"To all who suffer from violence and injustice and those who strive for a better world"

All populations across the world struggle to obtain a balance among humankind. Unfortunately, there is constant conflict between nations over resources, territory, or political views. To help create equality and amity among nations, humanity has set rules and regulations to try and diminish tension and relieve all disputes. Throughout WWII, there was a dire need to solve issues among nations. With the implementation of The Peace Movement, Russia and the Soviet Union worked to obtain the goal of creating harmony with the potential of a more civil relationship among countries.

There will always be war in the world, but having The Peace Movement in effect has greatly reduced the consequences perpetuated by conflict. After its completion, its essential properties have resulted in many revisions still going on today. With war becoming more widespread penetrating the depths of all countries, this movement has become essential to maintaining healthy relationships and constructive communication between countries.

To control any perpetuation of battle, you must first understand why these disputes occur among nations. A New Social Movement fights for the rights and well being of the people, not one that bases its mission on materialistic means or economic gain. The Peace movement is a Social Movement, established to help find solutions to end wars and minimize inter human violence in a particular place or type of situation. The main idea also is linked to the concept of having world peace. From a military and political point of view, peace means freedom from such violent disturbances as wars and riots. It does not mean total harmony among people. Even in peacetime, people take part in such forms of conflict as debates, lawsuits, sports contests, and election campaigns.

The Peace Movement is considered to be a new social movement. Its main goal was to create some stability for peace in countries who have suffered from war. The movement became effective during the Vietnam War, attracting members from college campuses, middle-class suburbs, labor unions and government institutions. Applying the Resource Mobilization Theory to The Peace Movement greatly aides the common cause of reaching peace within nations. This is because linking both of these concepts together can only make the fight for peace stronger. The only way The Resource Mobilization Theory is effective is if nations are able to retrieve the information and resources they need. For this particular organization, appling the Resource Mobilization Theory has had beneficial results specifically aiding Afghanistan's current political situation and war status.

This organization connects to the Resource Mobilization Theory because it plays a key component in informing the American public of the current war. The way they provide this information is through the internet, a new social tool. This internet site evolved very quickly into an online magazine and research tool designed to keep the American people and the world informed about the overseas plans of the American Government. The organization has greatly contributed to The Peace Movement but it cannot survive without material support. In the mission statement they explain that "You can strike a blow against the War Party and cast your ballot for peace by making a contribution today". The main goal of the Resource Mobilization Theory is to acquire more resources and to push people towards accomplishing the movement's goals.

Without pledging and providing monthly donations this organization could not give ample information because they would not have the funds to do so. These pledges give the American people a reason to fight against the war and oppose power-holders policies that could ultimately create social change. For this movement it is very important to make contributions to organizations like Anti-War missions. These pledges are essential to uphold the strength to fight for such an important cause and stride towards peace.

The Peace Movement is in stage 6 according to Bill Moyer's Eight Movement Stages. The trigger event that has led this movement to be in stage 6 is the amount casualties from the war in Iraq that have been brought to the public's attention. American troops, and many Iraqi civilians; including women and children, have lost their lives due to what some may call a "meaningless war".

In stage 6, Moyer illustrates that in this part of the movement more groups and activists become involved. The goal in stage 6 is to keep issues on the agenda, win over the majority of the public and for activists to become fully committed to the movement. Because we are still at war in Afghanistan, the power holders still can disrupt the movement and create public fear of alternatives, in which they promote bogus reforms and peace processes. (Moyer, 2001) In order to achieve success for this movement, groups and organizations should mimic some of the same concepts and construct strategies similar to those used for the war in Iraq. With the majority of the public backing the Anti-War/peace movement, it will increase the amount of people to oppose against current policies that are not working. Before, during, and after the War in Iraq began, an intense protest effort existed in the United States. On February 15, 2003 a series of protests across the globe



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