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Personal Action Plan

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Today, instead of going to work and make a living to provide for my family, I called my manager and ask for a personal day off; I decided to do to the Kissimmee Family and Health Clinic to observe the many types of people coming in to see a doctor because they or their children are sick, or to accompany a family member or a friend that are sick; in an attempt to recognize the social differences that I would find there and perhaps even get to talk to some of them and get to know a little about them.

What did you observe?

As I open the Clinic doors I notice few lines of men, women, women with children formed in front of the glass windows, and behind it a person was taking notes as they ask questions. Also to the left I notice a small counter with a young lady behind a computer screen talking to a short lady, in her middle age that appears to me that she was not happy about something; I wait until she was no longer talking to the young lady; I walk to same counter, spoke with the young lady - her name tag spell Wanda, and explained the reason for being in the clinic. I told her that my Communication assignment required that I observe the people and environment of a public business. I asked if it would be okay to use one of the chairs that were back in the corner (so I will not be in someone's way) for a couple hours and people watch. She told me to wait while she confirm with her supervisor; she actually thought it was funny. My first observation of the place was that the majority of the people in the clinic were African American and Hispanic men, women, and children. Had it not been a clinic, you would not have known that they were there because of being sick; seeking the doctors cares; they were dressed as if they were going to a Church Sunday service. They hair was combed nice, colorful clothing and shoes or nice sandals or flip-flop. Most of the women wore jewelry, the men wore nice shirts, and the little girls had cute clips holding their hair or braids, colorful beads as well; very cute. I notice that they sat there patiently, talking to each other discussing their sickness among other stuff. No one complained about the wait. It seems they took the day just to spend at the doctors.

Why was this situation out of your comfort zone?

Originally, I believed that there would be people of lower-class citizens, wearing run down or messy clothing, shoes, and hair; sad, crying children, waiting to be seen; with rough appearance because of their sickness. My ideas were to see how being amongst them would affect me, not that I consider myself upper-class, but I am far from lower-class. Except few people watching TV - there was a TV to entertain the people while waiting for the doctors to be available, most was talking to each other, patiently waiting for their turn to be called in. A lady sitting next to me was curious about why I was sitting in a clinic with my laptop and typing;

What did you learn?

The lady sitting next to me her name was Latoya, although I didn't ask, I could tell that she looked to be in her early forties; I learned that she was unemployed but was looking for a job. She worked at Wal-Mart at the deli department for 4 months now and does not have health insurance because they need her for 30 hours a week, which does not qualify for benefits reason why she comes to clinic when she feels sick. She says most jobs does not offer benefits and only give up to 30 hours. She says she qualifies for government help, public health, and paying $10.00 per visit and if needs medication it will cost $5.00 to fill a prescription right there at the clinic. As she speaks I sensed sadness in her voice; she says needed to see a doctor be3cause of pain in her chest plus she was having fever; for not working that day it will represent one less day paid in her paycheck plus the medication expenses which will put a dent in her already poor finances. I don't blame her for feeling that way. Talking to Latoya and thinking about my being fortunate having a successful career and fulltime job, I realized that the majority of people in the U.S. are in the same position as Latoya, with or without college education, does not have health insurance due to no fault of their own.

What perceptions changed or remained the same about the people observed?

The 2008



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