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Action Plan in Biology

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Our action plan in Biology is to plant trees, to lessen the amount of carbon dioxide in our school campus, instead of collecting some bottles that when sold it could still have an effect to the environment.

We had the project to plant seedlings on pots and place them in our school as proof that we did our project and at the same time to help the school look clean and green.

Our group worked well in doing our task almost all of us cooperated and did their part on our project, that's why I expect that our project and task will be finished successfully

For now we almost had 5 seedlings and we hope that we would be able to let it grow and make it as a help to our school

With the result of our activity, I am very happy that we finally performed the required activity given to us and at the same time, our group have helped in the conservation of our environment.

At first, we thought that we will never accomplish this action plan. But as the team worked out, we did it, and we are proud to say that our group gave a great contribution for the survival of creatures residing here in our planet.

This activity made me realize the things we can do to maintain the balance of life on earth. And as an action, we did some planting.

Planting made me happy, and I think our nature is already saying thanks for our effort in conserving its natural beauty and for being concerned to the other beings living with us.



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