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Personal Letter Case

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Personal Letter

I am sophomore student in Business International from Foothill College. Although I grew in India, I got the chance to study in United States. When I came to this country it was all new to me, I found uneasy about lifestyle but slowly I became habituated of it. I am living in Mountain View, beautiful city near Santa Clara Valley. Now I feel very confident that this is the right time for me to return to higher education to prepare myself for advancement and additional challenges in my accounting career. I want very much to become a master of accountant. I feel that now I am a good communicator in English even though it is my second language.

I completed my high school in 2004 with second class and then I joined college to pursue bachelor degree in commerce and completed my first year, and then I didn't able to complete rest of my college because of family problems then I joined private institute of computer accounting for tally certificate and that I achieved rapidly with first class. After achieving tally certificate, I applied for student visa for United States and I got the visa. United States was my dream country and I have now been living for 14 months. I feel strongly that it is now time for me to move ahead professionally through training. I look forward to spend four to five years in studying with practical training.

Through a bachelor degree, I plan to further explore the studies in master degree. Accounting is the area in which more practical knowledge is needed than theoretical knowledge. So my goal is to get a work experience in any well reputed company while studying. So that I can get deep knowledge and it will be easy for me to get degree in rest of my studies.

After so many struggles, I am now emotionally and mentally ready for new hills to climb which I hope will be in doing work experience. I believe that my now developed determination I will successfully be able to do internship program and with my heightened sense of compassion I will be able to assist people who will work with me. Finally I believe that the fruits of perseverance and the faith in oneself required to endure and succeed.



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