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Personnel in Technology

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Personnel in Technology

Building an effective technology support team would entail the same skills and steps as building any other team structure would. A support team leader must find different personalities that can bring the team together, which in turn could and would help the team rather than hinder the team. Finding the different personalities that can and will work together effectively and efficiently can be the most difficult step in forming an effective team. As well, the knowledge or the ability to easily obtain new knowledge is required in forming an effective technology support team.

When it comes to technology there tends to be a select group of individuals who stand out and claim to know everything. This can be a good thing if he or she is very intelligent and well versed in the technology that he or she represents. When it comes to putting any kind of personnel components together one needs to ensure that he or she has a good mix of personalities and individuals with different skill levels and knowledge. There must be a management style put in place that can handle all personalities, ensure that everyone is kept in line as well as knowledgeable with the technology he or she is using and supporting.

According to Nicky Nelson, an Internet Marketing Consultant,

In every team there needs to be a leader. It would be impossible to achieve a goal with a group of people all attempting to lead, as if everyone is leading, who is following and doing? No-one! However, the important thing is to understand the difference between 'leading' and 'controlling'. Leading has a positive effect, controlling has a negative effect (Nelson, 2004).

As anyone who already works in a business environment knows, leadership styles are all different but the way the personnel are led has a direct effect on how he or she will perform.

Even those of us who naturally tend to take the 'lead' will recognize when we have a team leader or manager who is good. For one thing, they get the job done but for another, they do it without belittling, also by not being afraid to hand over responsibility to others, by accepting blame, passing on and giving credit where it is due and also building people up rather than knocking them down (Nelson, 2004).

The point in creating a technology support team is to provide customer service for the company; whether it is internal or external the support team needs to know the systems he or she is working with as well as understand the importance in having exceptional customer service and people skills. A good definition of customer service comes from the U.S Department of Human Services Website. The definition is as follows:

Customer service is not merely customer relations or how nice frontline workers are to customers. Rather, satisfying or even delighting customers is the goal of excellent customer service. Because customers for different types of services have different needs, customer service strategies will differ and must be tailored to the target customer (U.S Department of Health and Human Services, 1999).

Customer service is very important to customers as well as effective support team members. The important thing is the technology support team leader must ensure that the help desk knows how to handle



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