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Hr Function Without Technology

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HR, the Techie?

In today's scenario it's difficult to think HR function without Technology. It plays a very vital role in the HR function. Almost all the HR related activities are technology based now days. From Employee database to training methodology everything has been made technology savvy.

The advantages of adopting technology in HR function are:

1) Up to date information available at any given point of time.

2) Databases are well managed.

3) Easy updation.

4) Reduced Paper work.

5) Online recruitment by HR departments to garner potential candidates for available positions within an organization

6) Training modules available on a click of button

7) Employee self services modules have also helped employees to get answer of their HR related queries on a click.

8) HR functions time has saved and used in strategic partnering with the business.

Eg. Wipro has SAP as a HR tool, with the help of this team has employee database up to date and its easy for them to pull out reports as per their requirement at any time. Also have developed employee self service portal (my Wipro) which has all the HR related policies & practices uploaded and employees has access to it and no need to call HR team for any simple query. The portal has details on all the facilities provided by the organization, HR related practices be it their Attendance, payroll, IT declarations, transfer policies, medical policies etc. Also many technical & soft skills trainings are made internet based learnings, so it's available to employees anytime for their skill enhancement. With the help of technology Wipro team has also come up with remote lab based technology as well, where the live training on the high end technologies can also be attended by the employees from any part of the country. This has helped to save lot of cost.

In this article the writer has talked about the small modules like Auto Alerts, exit details mapping, Employee referral tracking, auto feedback to recruitment have been adopted by Four Soft in order to bring discipline, proper details during exit which will help to capture data like the notice period is served or not, whether the employee is eligible for rehiring in future or not etc.

In the article writer has also talked about the useful invention called 'Mobile Workforce Management' at Kronos. This technology helps managers & employees to complete a wide range of workforce related tasks using various mobile devices. This device gives flexibility to the employees and managers to interact with each



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