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Philosophy of Teaching

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Essay Preview: Philosophy of Teaching

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My philosophy of teaching is based on a belief that learning means giving information in a fun, interesting, and welcoming environment as well as establishing a one to one relationship to each student in my class. Getting to know my student will help me learn about their skills and limitations as well as develop deep love and respect to them. That can be achieved by acting as a guide for them and provide the prober tools and techniques that help them be a better students.

One of the first things that I should do in first day of class is to create a welcoming environment for students. That can be done by stating the class exaptation, assignment, and deadlines as well as providing a detailed descriptions of the assignments and provide samples that can help them imaging how their end work should look like. Then it is important to know students names and assess student's skills, and that can be done by doing a class ice breaker in the first day of class.

Also, students should be able to present their opinions freely, but with respect to others opinions believes, and religions. That will help establishing a peer to peer experiences and knowledge as well as giving student a voice in class.

All of these techniques will enhance the quality of class and make class a healthy environment for students as well as making students active learner and participating in class, rather than being a passive learners.

Students also should know that learning is their own responsibility, where is teaching them how to learn is my responsibility. That is way one of the important skills that I want all

of my students to learn is how to use resources, and evaluate them to find information that helps them to answer their questions. To me, this is the most important skill that I can help them develop, and by doing this I am making them a better learners as well as excellent researchers.

The most important role that I put to my self is to be prepared and organized for each class both mentally and physically because I know that this will affect my teaching style as well as the students in my class. So, one of the steps that I fallow before going to class is knowing my subjects prior to class. Another step is using a variety of teaching methods to present my material to maximize student interest, and to motivate students to learn as well as using a little humor in class to make learning more enjoyable. Some of my teaching techniques will include lecture, PowerPoint, slide presentation, case studies, discussion groups, web sites, documents, CDs, videos, DVD's and hands on activities. Another helpful technique is to make them involved and active in class, and that can be done by creating multiple discussion questions and activities. Using these techniques will help the students learn their materials, keep them awake in class, and stimulate their brains.

Finally, it is important for every teacher to love the subjects



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