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Definition of Philosophy

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The value of the definition of philosophy: the value of specific things are an integral part of the human brain is everything in the world is divided into two major categories of useful and harmful, from the two major types of specific things in the abstract thinking by the absolute abstract things or meta body, is the world The interaction with all things in general, the interrelated nature and capacity of each specific things that have the universal nature and provisions.

Is the value of specific things with the general provisions, the nature and performance. And specific matters, subject and the object, things and events, sports and exercise, objects and objects of interaction and mutual influence, interrelated and mutually reunification is the value of the existence and manifestations.

We have observed as the main object of the people and as the living environment and living things interact and influence, can be found on the living environment and their interactions with each other on the nature and impact of capacity and found that the value of human beings and the environment.

In human terms, the world is to human survival and development have meaning and value of things, the phenomenon of conflicts, the question of the identity of opposites, the world is valuable in the world, all things are valuable things.

Value is the value and composition of the negative value of the unity of opposites.

Now most people have said the value of which is the object of promoting the survival and development of the main character and ability, is the principal object of which is the positive meaning and positive values. In fact the object of the role and impact of the main survival and development capabilities and value, not only has a positive meaning and value, also has a negative meaning and value, is the positive and negative significance, value and the negative value is composed of confrontation Entity.

For example, the value of coal and oil. Coal and oil for human survival and development not only has a positive meaning and positive values, but also has a negative meaning and a negative value.

The large number of coal and oil exploitation and utilization to accelerate the economic development and improving people's living standards, but also an increase of carbon dioxide emissions, caused by the greenhouse effect, destruction of the natural environment, damage the long-term survival and development of people's fundamental interests.

Why do people have to understand and transform the world ยป Because the world with human survival and development of a close relationship, because the world is the role and impact of all things human survival and development of the nature and capacity of the world because everything has its own value. Only through its own actions to rid the world of human survival and development of all living things have a negative meaning and value, give full play to the world and use all things to human survival and development of a positive meaning



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