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Planning for Managers and Their Types

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Essay Preview: Planning for Managers and Their Types

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* For effective performance of individuals working together in

groups, a manager's most essential task is to see that

everyone understands the group purposes and objective and

its methods of attaining them.

* If group effort is to be effective, people must know what they

are expected to accomplice

* - This is the function of planning.

* Planning involves selecting missions and objectives and the

action to achieve them;

* It requires decision making, which is choosing form

alternative available.

* Plans provide a rational approach to achieve preselected


* Planning also strongly implies managerial innovation.

* Planning bridge the gap from where we are to where we want

to go.

* Planning and control are inseparable.

* Any attempt to control without plans is meaningless

* Plans furnish the standards of control.

Types of Plans

Plan can be classified as:

1. Purpose or Mission,

2. Objective or goals,

3. Strategies,

4. Policies,

5. Procedures,

6. Rules,

7. Programmes, and

8. Budgets.

* The mission or purpose (the terms are often

used interchangeably), identifies the basic

function or task of an enterprises or agency or

any part of it.

* Every kind of organised operation has a

purpose or a mission.

* In every social system, enterprises have a

basic function or task assigned to them by the


* Ex. - The purpose of a business generally is the

production and distribution of goods and services;

* - the purpose of the National Highway Authority is the



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