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Pm 592 - Chinese Tea Store Proposal

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Essay Preview: Pm 592 - Chinese Tea Store Proposal

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Chinese tea store proposal

PM 592 Course Project

Instructor: Yvone Hobbs


Devry University

ZHI YANG D03295957



Executive Summary

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, tea is considered the most beneficial of all herbs and the only one that can be consumed daily. It is said, in Chinese culture, that you can go a day without food, but not a day without tea. It is hard to overstate the cultural importance of tea, and that importance was centered in health long before the joy as a beverage was considered. It has been the practice almost as long as the usage of tea, the elite in China were guaranteed the best tea. Even today, the Chinese astronauts, while circling the earth, drank nothing but tea.

Although not a common notion in the West, but I believe the Chinese tea will have been a great market in America. Not only the American love healthy but also they have a habit to drink coffee every day just like the Chinese drink tea. Same habit but drink tea is more healthy I would like to believe the smart American will be make a smart decision that is to try then to love Chinese tea. That is why the Chinese tea store was necessary. My goal is set up a tea business empire in America. Of course, the first thing is to set up my first Chinese tea store. It will be taken 40days and cost 18,900 dollars. Meantime, we can earn 10,000 dollars for each year by my analysis and research.

Project Description

The Chinese tea store will sale Chinese tea and tea ware, there is a Chinese saying, "You can study tea all of your life and still not learn the names of all the teas". Although there are endless tea names, each tea falls into one of six main categories: Green tea, White tea, Scented tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, and Puer tea. In addition, there is one rare category of tea called Yellow tea. Real Chinese gongfu tea ceremonies sound overly complicated, but in reality they can be a thing of beauty and unmatched simplicity. Our full gongfu tea sets prepare the ideal foundation for properly enjoying and serving all of your favorite loose teas.

I have already created the work breakdown structure, the WBS helps more accurately and specifically define and organize the scope of the store project, using a WBS in the projects is to help with assigning responsibilities, resource allocation, monitoring the project, and controlling the project. This also allows for better estimating of cost, risk, and time. I have used the three point estimate to estimate the initial investment and expect profit for each year. My analysis result for NPV and IRR give a guarantee for successful of the project. Finally, I used the MSP to get the Gantt chart schedule to display the status of each activity at glance. I believe those factors will be let the project very successful.


1. Chinese tea shop Project

1. 1 Requirements Definition

1.1.1 Feasibility




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