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Poem Called the Place Is My Fault

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Essay Preview: Poem Called the Place Is My Fault

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Poem Analyzation

The place is my fault is about a young boy that is getting harassed by all the other kids at school on his way home from school. One of the main example showing that he's getting harassed is they flung clods, stones, bricks and anything that will make me run. I ran all the way up the hill on a scorching day.

I think the poet wrote this poem to show what kids being bullied are going through and what they are thinking and what is going through there minds every day even when there at home. It also shows that people do remember even when they do get old what happened to them as a child. I think the main part of the poem is the second paragraph where he is running up the hill away from the other kids in such a fright.

I think that the poet is trying to put across that when something bad happens to someone they never forget it and it will always be with them whether or not they try to forget or hide it. The purpose of this poem is to show bullies that people never forget and one day they will most likely get back at you. I think it show people getting bullied also that they never forget the person they remember everything about them even when there old.

I think our emotion to this poem is that we feel sad about the kid getting bullied because it one against a group and he can't do anything to stop them. The mood in this poem does not change he continues to stay made at



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