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Portable Dressing Room

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Portable Dressing Room

Consumer Behavior

This product will support families that participate in outdoor activities where there is limited access to private areas to change clothes or act as a shielded room for a portable restroom. It will also support offsite photo shoots by allowing models privacy to change clothes. Competitors in the marketplace would include "Sew What?", which is a fabric manufacturing company. Also, "Ardinbir Inc." will be a competitor offering a similar style product.

My demographic research analysis is on the Orlando, FL metropolitan area. Based on the 2000 U.S. Census, general population for this area is 188,149. Fifty-one percent of the population is women and forty-eight percent is male. Median age is 33 and average income for that area is 48K. Demographic information will assist in targeting appropriately in this specific area. The average age of 33 tells me that there is potential in targeting active people within the age group. Income is also important as it tells a story of what households can manage in this area. With an average of 48K for households the product introduction should be moderately priced. Income in this area has increased approximately 10K since 1990.

The brand name, Portable Dressing Room is the appropriate name for this product. The product name includes a description of what it is and how it is used. The subject is dressing room and the action is portable. This is a valuable branding strategy as it builds an image of how the customer could potentially use the product which leads that customer to remember the product. Marketing strategy relating to introduction of the Portable Dressing Room will be a market -entry strategy focusing efforts on initiator tactics. Since there is a similar product in the market, the strategy will be to introduced the Portable Dressing room focus on innovate and trendy improvements in comparison to the competition.

The primary target market for this product introduction will be active people in their twenties and thirties. This customer attends concerts, tail gates at the University of Central Florida, attends Orlando Magic games and never misses the annual Monster Trucks. This particular customer set attends these venues early and participates in pre-celebration activities where there may be a need for a portable cover to go along with a porta-potty. A plan to negotiate a licensing agreement in order to allow customers to choose team covers for the portable product will gain the competitive advantage over the competition. Secondary target market would include household family with active kids in sports and other physical activities. The portable dressing room will provide the kids with a quick and easy way to change clothes before, after or between games or recitals. The product will be light in weight, easy to assemble and disassemble (op up) and can be stored in a bag that can be easily store away. Material required to produce the product is



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