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Post-Secondary School Is the Place to Be

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Essay Preview: Post-Secondary School Is the Place to Be

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Post-Secondary School is the Place to be.

Receiving a high school diploma is a very big step for any teenager. An even bigger step for these graduates is attending a college or university. The idea is argued that a person can be successful with only a high school diploma. Even though this is possible, the advantages are greater when a person continues their education and receives a college degree. These advantages can come in the form of advanced occupational techniques, establishing a network of life altering friends, and an increase in one's culturally diversified acceptance.

College adds another two to four years of higher learning to one's academic experience. This is the time where students concentrate and narrow down what it is that they want to do for the rest of their lives. Internships are also very powerful in the educational process that allows a student to actually get some type of hands on experience in a specific area. Internships along with extensive studying increases the chance of being an experienced and well trained individual.

The choice of going to college versus starting a job after high school is a great choice considering that wages increase for people with a college degree. In your average bank, a person who starts off as a teller and does not have a degree probably won't advance as quickly as a person with a degree. The opportunities increase for the person with the degree because he or she seems to be more qualified for the job. Also certain jobs like nursing and law do not hire people without a degree.

The relationships and friends that a student creates in college are very important and may be helpful in years to come. A good friend can be as supporting and motivating as any parent could be. A friend can also act as a counselor and provide advice when a student needs some immediate attention. Friends can also go off to their respective fields and be able to accommodate you in your time of need. A wise man once said, "It isn't what you know, it's who you know." Throughout my freshman year I've gone through some things where I didn't know a lot about Biology. During this period I have created friends who have aided me in providing me with valuable study tips.

Relationships can also be created without going to college. The opportunities are greater with the person receiving the degree because of the continuous contact that goes on with different people in classrooms or just socializing around campus. Also, there are more people who are in a concentrated area together who are striving for the same or similar goal.

We all know that colleges and universities are breeding grounds for people coming together from all over the world. People from other states and other countries all come together for the common purpose of receiving a degree. Even Historically Black Colleges and Universities



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