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Prejudice That I Hold Against a Group of People

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Essay Preview: Prejudice That I Hold Against a Group of People

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will describe a prejudice that I hold against a group of people. I will describe what I can

do to change the outcome.

Group behavior is when a human is to belong to a group. All of the groups have a lot to

offer. They can help satisfy our needs for affection, attention, and belonging. Some of the

groups can use social facilitation which is when one person performance is increased when

other members of a group engage in similar behavior. This can have some to do with prejudice

in that one person is basically the person in charge of the group. I think that the group should

work in a whole group and come to a decision as a team. The group decision making has some

different examples.

The first one is the majority-wins scheme is this is where they go with the decision of

forty-nine to fifty-one. The majority would be the fifty-one, some of the group may not agree

with the decision but it is on the majority wins. If I was in this group I do not agree with all

people my decision is different from the rest of the group. The second is the truth-wins scheme

this is the truth will set you free. If I was in this group this is about being honest member in the

group in the decision you make. The third is the two-thirds majority scheme this is where the

jury goes with the two-thirds favor the convection. I think that this is the same as the majority-

wins the group is making decisions on with the majority is making the decision. I think that the

group I would like to be a part of is the truth-wins this is when it is all about being honest. I

think that this will not have any prejudice is the ending decision. Most of the people you are

around like to be in different groups on what they feel more easy to work with.

I like to be in the group of truth-wins not much prejudice and the decision making in a




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