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Present Simple or Present Continuous?

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Present Simple or Present Continuous?

Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple (do) or Present Continuous (is doing). :

She is a smoker but she (smoke not) _____ much. (key = doesn't smoke)


Are you thirsty? (you want) something to drink?

2. Paul (not like) maths.

3. Do not put the scissors away I (use) them.

4. She (prefer) tea to coffee.

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5. Why (you look) at me like that?

6. The earth (go) round the sun.

7. Let's go jogging. It (not rain) at the moment.

8. How is your father? Is he still ill? No, he (get better) .

9. Lucy is not in London at the moment. She (stay) in Paris.

10. (you need) a ticket to see your mother play at the theatre?

11. Normally I get up at 8, but this week I (get up) at 7.

12. Can you hear those girls? What (they talk) about?

13. Can you cook? No but I (learn) .

14. My sister Sonia (live) in London.

15. My brother usually (go) to work by train.

16. 'What (your parents do) ?' 'They are teachers.'

17. I (learn) Spanish. My friend is teaching me.

18. She told me her address, but I (not remember) it.

19. Ann (look for) a new job.

20. We usually go skiing every year, but this year we (not go) anywhere.



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