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Theory of Knowledge Presentation

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Essay Preview: Theory of Knowledge Presentation

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Theory of Knowledge Presentation- Madrid

Monika Fie Hardy, Jessica Laugesen & Charlotte Fredsbo

April 17, 2011

Table of Contents:

What is History?

What is Art?

What is Emotion?

What is Religion?

-Case Study in History, Art, Religion: Temple of Debod

-Case Study in History, Art, Emotion: Las Meninas

* What is History?

-Study of the past, history consists of two type's of history: natural history and human history. This presentation is going to discuss human history.

-The main focus of history is to explain why something happened and the effects of past events.

-History is occupied with significant events that depends on the criteria of selection

-Elements that characterise history as a discipline is that it is based on evidence and interpretation depending on the context which is the area where problems arise

- The most problematic thing about History is that we can not personally observe it

* What is Art?

-Art can be categorised into three popular theories:

1) art as an imitation - a picture of real life

2) art as a communication-art sends a message

3) art as education- teaching is same thing

Throughout history, art has affected and affects the senses, emotion and intellect.

* What is Emotion?

-Emotion is a part of the four ways of knowing in theory of knowledge

-Emotion provides energy it affects our thinking and is sometimes used to justify our beliefs

-Emotion includes feelings, passion and different moods

-Emotion consists of various internal feelings and an external form of behaviour

-A problem with emotion is that people have conflicting intuitions-we can make the assumption that emotion alters history

* What is Religion?

- A set of beliefs that revolves around a certain cause, purpose and nature believed to have created life.

- Involves devotional and ritual observances

- Nearly all religions are guided by a moral code governing of conduct of human affairs.



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