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Presenting a Product or Service

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Presenting a product or service

Hello everyone

I’m Arthur Schiltz, and this is my colleague Arthur Smits. We are the founders of the company A²squared, going by our moto: “Keep moving to stay connected.”

I assume every one of you has a smart phone and has ever been in the situation where your phone was dead while you were out and about? I’m sure you have experienced how annoying this can be, and you wished you could extend your battery life somehow.

A²squared offers you the solution. We present you the A² self-charging wireless battery case. I know it’s quite the mouthful, so I’ll explain in detail what the case exactly does.

The A² battery case is a phone case that not only offers protection for your phone, but also a battery integrated in the case to extend your phone’s battery life. I hear you thinking: “Arthur a case like that already exists?”. The answer to that is: “No!”. The A² battery case recharges your phone using wireless technology, meaning it is not plugged in in your phone like current generation battery cases. On top of that it is self-charging by movement in your pocket.

In our testing we found that the battery itself prolongs your phone’s lifespan by 50% to 60%. If we then add the extra battery created by movement, we find that the case extends battery life by an average of 70% to 85% in total almost doubling your battery life.

What gives our product an edge over the current market?

Because our case is wireless, we avoid having the notch at the bottom of current gen cases where it must be connected to the phone, allowing for a much sleeker design.

Many current gen cases don’t cover the entire back of the phone completely because the battery can’t be shaped like that. Our case provides a solution as we place the self-charging technology in that dead space, again creating a more natural and sleek design.

Many cases found in the current market are bulky and rather unpractical. Because our case is self-charging, we can use smaller batteries whilst offering the same lifespan, making the phone still retain its thin character. We will however offer another case with a bigger battery, making it slightly bigger, but in return offering an even longer battery life.

What is our target market?

Currently our product is quite expensive sitting at price of €129, making it as expensive as Apple’s own battery case and more expensive than other brand battery cases. We aim however at high-end users.

Because we make use of the newest wireless charging technologies, found in for example the iPhone X and 8, the Samsung Galaxy S9, the Huawei Mate 20, etc. Our product is only compatible with these high-end products, ranging from €500 to as much as €1200.



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