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Principles in Us Politics

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Essay Preview: Principles in Us Politics

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One of the main principals in U.S politics is public representation. We as the people elect public officials to represent us. Elections are important for U.S citizens because we get to elect people who we feel can lead us. There is a tension in that we get to choose the people to elect, but have no power in impeaching them. The impeachment process varies between different states. There are many similarities in which the states handle impeachment, but there are some interesting differences too. For example, an impeachment trial in one state may be held by the Supreme Court but in another state it may be held by a grand jury by the Senate. One state may designate the House of Representatives to have the sole power of impeachment while another state splits the power. Even though there are many variances in the process of impeachment, the main goal is to determine if a government official is guilty of corrupt activity while in office. Although the U.S citizens get no power in the process of impeachment, it is essential that we have this process in order to have a well functioning government.

A common question that is asked in U.S politics is if impeachments undermine or support the democratic ideals of the U.S. Some believe that impeachments weaken the right for American citizens to vote. It allows appointed officials and representatives to make decisions on keeping or kicking someone out of office. The citizens have little control over an impeachment and this raises the question, what's the point of voting when representatives and appointed officials have the power to remove them out of office? While some oppose impeachment, others believe it's necessary to have in the system just as a last resort. I believe that impeachment is a necessary measure in U.S politics as a last resort. Impeachment is a crucial part in limiting the control of elected officials because it keeps them accountable for their actions. Although we voted these officials in, the officials may get caught up in bribery and corruption while in office. Having a "last resort" in impeachment where a judge can make the decision to keep him or boot him would make sense. Some may argue that the term limits would limit the control of elected officials. Term limits may help in the sense of keeping an official motivated to do well in order to get re elected. Having term limits would not help in this situation because it would keep the government official in office until next elections instead of booting the corrupted official immediately. The process of impeachment varies from state to state.

In Missouri, there are specific impeachable offenses. Some of the offenses are crimes, neglect of duty, habitual drunkenness, corruption in office, oppression in office, and incompetency. On the contrary, Illinois does not have any specific impeachable offenses. In Missouri, the House of Representatives have the power of impeachment and all impeachments would be tried before the Supreme Court. Illinois is similar in that the House of Representatives have the power to start an impeachment and investigate the situation. Unlike Missouri's impeachment process, Illinois House needs



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