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Problem Formulation and Identication Paper

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Essay Preview: Problem Formulation and Identication Paper

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The decision making process seems to be very different from one manager to another, while each company tends to follow the rational decision making model to ensure that all of the stakeholders needs are met and their best interests are represented in every decision.

The decision making process can be a very relevant and difficult process. As an assistant manager at Domino's Pizza relying on others for help with making decisions happens all the time. The different steps of the decision-making process seem to be very helpful.

The first step of the decision making process is to identify the problem. At Domino's pizza the first thing that the manager on duty must do is identify the problem. After the problem is identified the manager determines if some of the decision making steps can be skipped. If the problem is simple, the manager can go to the end of the process and solve the problem. If the problem is something that is going to take some further investigation then the manager will have to use all of the steps in the decision-making process.

At Domino's Pizza the most important thing the managers have to do to solve problems go is to identify them and make sure that they are being solved in the correct and positive manner. Trying to complete problem solving with an attitude or rushing to get them solved will usually end in the same problem repeating itself or cause another problem at the same time. At Domino's are biggest obstacle seems to be attitudes of the staff, and just plain laziness. As a manager we try to attack those issues very patiently and work diligently not to develop a poor attitude like everybody else. Keeping employees busy until their shift ends helps to combat the laziness.

The decision making is really hard to determine on different jobs. Managing a fast food restaurant there was not just one way that decisions were made. Upper management would tell you one way of doing the work and then another manager would say that was incorrect and give you another way to do the work. Being a manager, it was often times difficult to get employees to show up and actually work. This caused the management to work long hours and often time's double shifts. After having this happen on multiple occasions the management team had to follow the decision making model and determine what was causing the problem and take the steps to correct the problem. The problem was that employees were not satisfied with their jobs or their hours. Working fast food there is not a lot of room to improve the scheduling as you have to work when there is a demand for boost moral of the employees so that they wanted to be at work and do a good job. With all of the employees calling out sick and saying that family members had passed away had to implement a new rule that if you call out you were required to provide the company with documentation such as a doctor's note or the obituary if there was a death. As a management team we devised a plan to try and change the moral of the employees as we wanted them to have a better attitude and stick with the company as training new employees gets very expensive and is very time consuming.

Mary Community Action Agency is a non-profit social service agency that is located in rural St. Mary and Vermillion Parishes in South Louisiana. The purpose of the agency is to assist low-income children and families by providing quality services designed to eventually alleviate poverty. The agency has about 205 employees and also a Head Start program with about 664 children ages 3 - 5 years of age. The agency has a board of directors who work with the Chief Executive Officer and policy council to make decisions which not only affect the welfare of the children and families served by the agency, but also the welfare of the community as a whole. Decision making in the agency is collaborative.

St. Mary Community Action Agency is an agency that believes in meeting the needs of the clients it serves in St. Mary and Vermillion Parishes. "People Helping People" which is St. Mary Community Action Agency's motto, depicts an agency with a Chief Executive Officer, and employees who help people on an everyday basis and as redundant as it gets, it's rewarding to just simply help those in need. How does this company meet the needs of the children and families they serve? The needs are met through community surveys, listening to the voices of our collaborative



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