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Product Life Cycle Analysis for Apple Ipod

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Essay Preview: Product Life Cycle Analysis for Apple Ipod

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currently the ipod finds itself in the growth stage of its product life cycle . it has shown a steady growth rate as demonstrated in the sales reported by apple computer for the past 15 quareter. all of which create similar playser that incorporate design and functionalityn. although some of thse are hosehold names none has been able to dethrone the ipod form being the icon for digital jukeboxes. the first casuaaly that fell a pieceof the action by selling individual songs for a cheaper price than itunes by adding these retailers the market is growing and becoming more and more competitive. it can be safe assumption that apple itunes internet downloadable muisic will partly repace the traditional channels through which music had been distributed in the past. it is evident that since its emergence into the market this little monster has gobbled up the market share of digital music gagets. apple has been able to directly penatrate the market and enalbe a quick adoption for the ipod. now the ipod defines the category of personal music players and sets the standards for their innovation.

there is a life cycle for all products. this cycle has new product development, market introduction, growth statge, mature stage and decline that unlimately lead to but in a market that seeks innovation it is understandble that what is in today could be out tomorrow. in order to prevent being phased out like the sony walkman in the late 90, apple continously renews the ipod and presents new developments that strengthen the product.

the first generation of ipods has breen discountinued and is now simple thought of as memorabillai of time gone by. in fact ewe cur



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