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Project Make a Paper Mache Recreation of an Apple Ipod

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Essay Preview: Project Make a Paper Mache Recreation of an Apple Ipod

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I purpose to make a paper Mache recreation of an Apple iPod and will bring in technology to accompany it with a PowerPoint for explanation and to bring meaning to it all. The materials I used to make the extremely difficult project were spray paint, white out, glue, water, cardboard, and paper. The creative title I gave my project and presentation is taking over the world because that is what technology is doing with our generation. In my opinion art is any form of a personal outlook and creative twist they apply to something they produce with their own hands or with technology. Also, art is not just in its beauty but in its meaning and emotion behind it because some individuals look for emotion rather than beauty. My project is a fine piece of art because I took my unique view of the iPod that many people use on a daily basis and created it with some household items so it has simplicity and some aspects to personalize it. The inspiration behind my project is simply what is around you constantly and what you see our nation as a whole turning to and that is technology. When Apple introduced the iPod our generation flocked to it, and it brought the music industry more mainstream to us. When technology is constantly growing and I was able to recreate some of the technology as art this made it an easy decision. Also, my inspiration was to educate everybody on how much they use technology everyday so they might notice that they do. My presentation will be presented in front of the class with my partner Nicolas Scott in the classroom because we have a PowerPoint that corresponds with our amazing IPod. For my presentation I will need the following everyone's attention, icart, my IPod, and technology example to follow. My project will be prepared because of the time I put in handcrafting the wonderful masterpiece with my skills or lack their of spray painting. My proposal should be accepted because it gives me a chance to show case my ability to recreate technology in the form of art with very simply items. Also, the idea behind the IPod is more than about music but more how it relates to the constant changes in art as there is in technology. It relates because technology is always improving and will never stop because constant new ideas and interrupting what the people will like just as art is constantly changing with the time.



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