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Professional Career Goals

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A career in both teaching and administration of coaching are of particular interest to me. In order to plan for entry into this profession, I need to prepare thoroughly. In 5 years, I see myself as a member of a coaching staff that is not only supportive of one another but also successful in the task at hand. In order to achieve this career goal I am going to need to receive a four-year undergraduate degree, and a teaching certification within the state I would like to teach in. In addition to these pre-requisites a thorough knowledge of certain personal qualities such as customer service, positive social skills, psychology, and administration are needed in order to conduct myself in a proper professional manner. Teaching and Coaching bear a great responsibility that requires careful ways of handling day-to-day school life. In 15 years, I will hopefully have at least ten years of experience in a row at one school. I would like to find a good school to work for steadily. I plan on developing a positive reputation as an excellent coach and teacher. I will make sure that I succeed and excel in any other future credentials I will need to further my career as a coach and a teacher. In thirty years, at the peak of my professional life, I will have achieved leadership, excellence, and virtue as evidenced by my actions throughout the many years of teaching and as equally important, remaining a consistent role model for teenagers in this harsh world today and assisting in resolving issues prevalent in the typical melodramatic life of a high school student. Teaching is more than academic knowledge. It is also about the life experience and the so called "growing-up" stage in a student's life that contributes to his or her success in the future.

Career Information:

* As previously mentioned, there are certain regulations and certifications that must be upheld, maintained and received before entering into the career world of teaching and coaching administration. One example of the certification for the teaching side would be to complete passage of the TExEs exam, another example for the coaching side would be the continuing education you must receive (PowerPoint). As a person that will be bearing a great but noble responsibility, I must maintain my moral fiber in order to succeed in this public arena. Not only must I finish my undergraduate degree in the language of Spanish and the area of sports medicine and kinesiology, but also pass a certification course for the more specific knowledge I need for teaching. This includes school protocol, state protocol, and district and state standards. Below are charts which display the needed abilities, qualities, and leadership traits for not only my success in this career, but the student's success in life. Education and Training - Knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction for individuals and groups, and the measurement of training effects "http://www.acinet.org/acinet/"

* Customer and Personal Service



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