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Psychological Theory - Personality Assessment Instrument Paper

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Essay Preview: Psychological Theory - Personality Assessment Instrument Paper

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Personality Assessment Instrument Paper

Understanding personality types is an important key to discover human qualities. Personality assessment instrument help to individuals development, understand your own self, communication , leadership, motivations. Personality test are used in training, teaching ,management, recruitment and also to help people, with personality disorders, they are not recommendable to use for diagnosis. Personality are different, test help to understand human behavior, assessment individuals must be handle carefully. Validate test is expensive and required preparation, they are an important tool, many required copyright protection and licensing. They are used worldwide most of them with a positive results.

California Personality Inventory (CPI)

California Personality Inventory (CPI) was designer originally in 1957, Harrison Gough develop the actual leading test in the world as a non clinical personality inventory. It was revised in1987 and later in 1996 was revised again. The purpose of CPI is evaluate and measure individual's social interaction and interpersonal behavior.


California Personality Inventory validity has two main criteria; First the scales that identify the individuals that acts in an specific way. The second one theses individuals that scores causes an impressions' in others based in the quality of their questions. Also analysis were complemented with a formal validation studies. CPI has been researched about it is validation in demonstrate a correlation between CPI and external criteria of .2 to .5, normal and typical for a personality research.


CPI test purpose is not looking only to clinical view, it look at subjects from quotidian concepts, which people used everyday.

Originally it included four hundred thirty four question, with a range of time from forty five to sixty minutes, in a format of true or false question. The purpose of CPI is evaluate and measure individual's social interaction and interpersonal behavior.

In 1987 the CPI was revised, in this version it contains four hundred thirty four questions of true or false, where a hundred ninety four, were from the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) a similar test to CPI but its purpose in more directly orientated to clinical purpose., this one is unlimited and can be take in group or individual , complete the test can take an hour.

When the test has been concluded, final result are placed in accordance with the scores obtained, they are four distinct classes of individuals:

Alpha: Here we can find ambitious individuals, outgoing, assertive, enterprises.

Beta: They are cautions individuals, conventional, moderate and steady.

Gamma: It group individuals progressive, adventurous, headstrong and clever.

Delta: Individuals which are Reserved, quiet, reflective, preoccupied and detached.

They also use additional measure, to determines which personality potential is in develop. As a result we obtain an idea of individuals, who they are, how they acts in public, what they think. It gave an accurate information of individuals, similar to outsiders perception.


Even if it is purpose is not clinical, it is used for clinically in rehabilitation center in drug alcohol abuse, diagnostic individual characteristics, which patient they are dealing with. CPI is a value tool for psychiatric to determine and measure drug abuser and alcohol dependent individual. The result allow to put them in an effective treatment.

CPI is a popular test around the world, its popularity is increased because is adjusted to non clinical population. Has brought positive results in



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