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Personal Ethics Development Paper

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Essay Preview: Personal Ethics Development Paper

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The ethical system and ground rules that I live by are expressed easy. I treat others as I would like to be treated. The concept that was the central foundation of my life was humility, sacrifice, God and family. The beliefs of my church and the ethical standards used as the guidelines for the members were the driving force in what I defined as acceptable behavior. The church was always the central backbone of my family. I was raised by a single mother and she wanted me to have a strong sense of who God was and how he intended me to live my life. This was the underlying base for my development as a child into adulthood. I was exposed to several different religious views and it also allowed me to become open and accepting of others. My ethical system was formed by several components that include my mother, God, the church and a strong support system through friends and family, prayer and education.

The character of an individual should be balanced in all aspects of a person's life. A person's personal value system will carry over from their personal life into their professional life. This will translate into their ethical business behavior. Observing the ethical statute of "treating others as I would like to be treated" affords for the emotional and physical protection of all in my personal and professional circle. If this thinking is encompassed by everyone in a group, whether in a single office or the entire company it fosters an environment of respect, acceptance and unity. The phase stands for something greater than an individual. In other words, when goals are fundamentally the same within a group they see each other as equals and as a team. This fosters cooperation and the individual will realize what is best for the group is way more important than what is best for them. This philosophy is comes into play on a daily basis for myself. I am always considering others and their feelings before I react to any situation I am faced with. Often times in a professional or work setting ethical dilemmas are formed and experienced. The "treating others as I would like to be treated" takes on a whole new definition in a professional or work setting. You have to take this a step further by not just focusing on respecting others but always being available and willing to help others when needed. It all comes down to being considerate of your coworkers. If I am caught up on my work and I have the option of leaving early or surfing the internet and my coworker is buried in his or her work ethically speaking I should be there to offer my assistance. This fosters positive moral within a group. It also makes the group or team at work to feel they are never alone. This alone is a moral boaster.

An organization needs ethics because it's the backbone of the success within the company. If you have strong ethical codes set it creates an environment of high standards and expectations of



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