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Psychology Case

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Wilhelm Wundt is the creator of scientific psychology. He is the Father of Experimental Psychology. Wundt founded original official lab, created original laboratory in the world devoted to experimental psychology. He did a lot of great contribution to psychology, for example he showed that psychology could be experimental science. And without him there wouldn't be real experiment in psychology, he showed that psychology could be part of science. I believe you can't learn what psychology is without mentioning Wundt. He has created psychology lab. Wundt goal was to show that psychology can have its own methods and questions. If it wasn't for him I don't think psychology would be fascinating. Psychology is about experimenting and you don't have to be very good scientist to be psychology, and that's what Wundt tries to demonstrate to people.

The Four lobes of the cerebral Cortex are frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital. Frontal lobe performs executive functions that coordinate other brain areas, motor planning, language, and memory. Parietal lobe processes touch information, integrates vision and touch. Temporal lobe processes auditory information, language, and autobiographical memory. And Occipital lobe processes visual information. That part of the brain that is labeled is called the Frontal lobe.

The main purpose of this song is to tell all the men that women are independent. "I don't think she'll ever look in a man face waiting for him to take care of her, she'd rather go to work and pay her bills on schedule." This statement tells all the men that women actually want to be financially secure on her own rather than relying on their man. This song also tries to give confidences to the women to be independent, for example it states in the song, "If you're gonna brag make sure it's your money you flaunt depend on noone else to give you what you want". This song doesn't try to represent just one type of woman, but they try to represent all times of women; such as woman in work place, moms, and all the independent ladies. The song tries to define the word independent by stating, "She got her own house, her own car, two jobs, work hard you a bad broad. If you ain't on sit down." The song Independent really portrays positive images and gives uplifting messages to all the ladies in the world.



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