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Psychology of Looking Good

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Vanity. This is perhaps the best word to describe the face of the 21st century. With the technological advancements in our modern society, everything seems fixable, including our own looks.

Indeed, human aesthetics have been given perhaps the biggest attention in the field of science. Faster, safer ways to "repair" the human body were discovered and are now employed in every beauty centers. Cosmetic surgeries are being conducted almost every minute around the world, with people investing millions upon millions all for the sake of looking better than their old self.

Generally, these bodily repairs are done for two separate reasons: first is to improve the health and function of certain body parts, especially for those with in-born defects and disabilities. Second is purely for aesthetic purposes.

But these days, most people going for these aesthetic procedures are categorized for the latter. And all of them have only one reason: to boost their confidence.

Most people have this thinking that looking good is a guaranteed ticket to fame and greater influence. Well, celebrities are the unofficial ambassadors of vanity and cosmetic procedures, it's no surprise how this kind of philosophy and activity became viral.

There are those who enjoy the thought of people praising them for their looks and appeal. Some even make use of their good looks as a way to earn, like models and most of our young celebrities.

Older people who underwent such procedures wished for a younger appearance, people who can't accept the fact that time flies really fast. Some use the opportunity to look good as a way to cover their shortcomings, like poor academic skills or lousy performance at work, thinking people will be blinded by their looks and overlook their ugly side.



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