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Ranch Life

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He has a rough exterior and may not have the softest hands a women could ask for, but he has the biggest heart, is honest and true to the core, and responds to anyone who needs help. She may not have the greatest fashion model sense, but she's got your back even when it's against the wall. The intelligence and strength of Montana is mostly found in its middle class working men and women made up of farmers/ranchers and mechanics, who work with their hands everyday and live lives so busy that they don't even have time to think of mischief. Unlike most jobs though, a ranching life style could make or break a person. If "played" right, though it could also turn him or her into the best he/she could possibly be by giving that person the chance to learn new things, a place to raise a good family, and the chance to live a natural life.

First of all, learning is adapting, and what better way to do it then ranching. On a ranch summers are spent learning how to drive the manual flat bed to feed, or developing common sense such as: being on the right side of the gate when closing it, or remembering to close a gate after going through it. Other times one could learn what type of feed is best for the cattle or what time of the year is best for branding. Learning to go by the feel of what is right or wrong is difficult, but learning to get it right is half the fun. One benefit that comes from ranching is the day to day planner is ever changing. One day a storm could blow a wind mill to pieces and the next day could be clear skies. Life is full of twists and turns and happiness can be found in a certain degree anywhere, but when ranching and when striving to achieve something more, especially for people who like to live life on their toes and push themselves to the brink, ranching is a good way to see what they are really made of.

Another reason why ranching is a great life style is because a ranch is great place to raise a family. Ranch work consists of riding over the range and checking the condition of the cattle or even checking the function of wind mills. Teaching a family to work together to get chores done like branding calves and gathering steers for market and just the general work around the place can also help family members come to appreciate each other. It seems like every day has its duty and every season its particular work, but there's still time for leisure. Ranch work teaches people that whatever tears them from work tends to weaken them, but that work doesn't have to be hard and boring. It also teaches children the value of hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done. It gives them foundations to build on for the rest of their lives.

Most importantly, ranching could gives the chance to live a good natural life. Walking and riding are all one would need to exercise and keep in shape. Riding horseback can stimulate the organs and encourage healthy bodily functions. It stirs the



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