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Reaction Paper About Career

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Career Path

I am a freshman enroll at High School. I am the youngest of three children. As a young child I always had the love of playing basketball. My siblings and I was always playing basketball to see who is better than the other. Ever chance we got we was always competing against one another, but most of all we supported each as well. I reside in Queens with my family, my father Winston; mother Yvonne, Brother Isiah who is a junior attending Old Westbury College playing college basketball as well as keeping up his studies .His major is Business and I may add that he is maintaining his grades as well. My sister'Kejia who attends Nortre Dame Academy Prep School so she can better her academic skills as well as playing on the team. Being the youngest of the clan is the hardest to me, because everyone will expects nothing but the best from me. I feel this way due to the fact that I already have two siblings achieving there goal. Seeing all the trials and tribulation they are going I know it will not

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As I enter in Junior High School, I've have a new look on life. Where as I find myself saying Tevin you have three years until you get your High School Diploma and how are you going to use the three most important years of starting your life. Well first and foremost I am going to continue getting good grades at the same time pursuing what I love most and that's playing basketball. One of my goals that I kind of have mapped is playing college basketball and playing in the NBA. I'm already working on that goal. I have already played with various basketball teams where I have been noticed and different coaches have came up to me asking me can I play with them. I will try out and continue playing basketball at my school. I already know if your grades are not up to part there is not basketball. Since I love this game so much...

My Career path, with inputs from True color survey, shows my primary color is Orange.

Here I sat as an older retiree and this is how I decided to enhance my career path. My essay is about my personality traits and learning abilities. With the Carolyn's Kalil's survey, this survey portrayed how my work ethic and abilities will affect any management practice I will use (Carolyn's Kalil's 1). As for my learning abilities, well let us say I am definitely a hands' on person. The survey states that I am courageous. Well without breaking my arm, I think I am. The survey also states that I act on a moment's notice; well this is defiantly true, especially with my experience in the military. We never have a chance to think about anything during the moment, we just acted on it (Carolyn's Kalil's 1).




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