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Reaction Paper on V for Vendetta

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Essay Preview: Reaction Paper on V for Vendetta

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V for Vendetta is a movie about a modern day Zorro, who wore a mask and left his V insignia on the things he considered to inflict justice on. This movie was set in future England, under the control of parliament by a dictator named Adam Sutler. He placed unnecessary rules and regulations on his people to have control over them. He subjected them to curfews and total loss of civil rights and liberties in what should be a free society. This movie touches on terrorism, equal rights, torture, governmental power and terms of information in a democratic society. This movie was great in action, violence and suspense as it also touched on serious tones about the issues above.

The two main characters in this movie were V, played by Hugo Weaving and Evey, played by Natalie Portman. Both were intertwined by fate because of there not so beautiful past. V was a tortured soul that was part of a governmental experiment that tested biological, nuclear war chemicals and weapons on people that were considered to be outcast. The people that fought against the government, who were homosexual or just didn't believe in what parliament was doing were those outcast. The chemicals reacted with V's body different then the rest of the test subjects making him basically superhuman, but not invincible. Throughout the movie he murders people involved in the experiments and inflicted what he called justice on these people that happened to be part of his ultimate goal, of bringing parliament down, bringing power back to the people and giving hope to what I considered a now enslaved country.

Evey was a young girl that grew up in the juvenile programs because her parents. Back when she was young her parents protested against the government for their actions, control and wars. They were taken from there homes with a black bag tied around their head and killed. Many years later, Evey goes out one night after curfew with what was called the "yellow coded curfew" and was attacked by two men claiming to be government officials and was saved by V. During this movie V destroys buildings, (symbols) that the government placed on its citizens. V believed that symbols are given power by people and destroying the symbols would make the country better. V seen him self as speaking for the people; that parliament was wrong. He believed that people forgot that fairness, justice and freedom were not just words they were prospective and the way life should be lived. Which I agree and putting a curfew on people takes away from their civil liberties and freedom.

Adam Sutler was the Chancellor and he had a lot of fear and power over the people; he was greedy and placed fear into the citizens. V believed that the people shouldn't fear the government but the government should fear its people. Fear became the government's ultimate tool. When V acted out the chancellor would use his voice of England, which was the British Television Network that



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