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Rhetorical Analysis

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Essay Preview: Rhetorical Analysis

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Alvin L. Crockett

Daniel Mcbride

English 101

13 February 2012

The Democratic National Convention 2004

By Senator Barrack Obama

As Senator Barrack Obama sets the tone of The D.N.C. with precise diction, he condescendingly

exhibited condescending homage to the great land of America. Advocating for presidential nominee

John Kerry he thoroughly projected the direction for Kerry's campaign. By giving a brief bio of his own

family legacy of hard work and perseverance Obama showed empathy for hardworking struggling

families. Rousing the conscience all American citizens Senator Obama reminded them of the

American dream and challenges we face.

With assertive diction and compassion the speaker sheds light on our world at that time.

America is a land where hopes and dreams come true. His approach was powerful because he did not

leave out the voices of the people. To illustrate his own values of the American dream he shared his

own struggles and how he overcame them. Diligently describing the ingenuity of the United States

the speaker blazingly eradicated class divisions. Senator Obama keenly speaks on the

tough issues that faced our country. He luminously broadened the spectrum of the urgent needs of our


At that time America was led by former president George W. Bush. Our country was in a

perilous time. Senator Obama projected the dire needs of our country. He rekindled the fire of

discipline hard work that roused politicians and people working in high offices . Our country was at war

in the middle east



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