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Reasons Not to Drink

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veryone loves to have a good time, and be with friends. But some people think to do that you have to drink, but you don't, because most people don't like to hang with drunk people, there stupid, they do stupid stuff, act like complete idiots. I know more than likely most of you guys have had at least a taste of alcohol, you don't have to say if you have or not. If you have not give yourself a pat on the back. If you keep drinking your gunna end up dead. So today im going to tell you three reasons not to drink.

Everyone likes to have a couple extra bucks in there wallet am I right? Well if you started drinking every single day at the age of sixteen, and stopped at the age of thirty-two you would have saved a million buck, and who wouldn't want a million bucks in there wallet, I know I sure would. I know it may seem like a long time, but I bet it would pay off in the long run. But lets just say your out of money and you ask your parents for some money, you cant tell your parents its for alcohol. They would kill you! (well mine would) so then you have to lie and no one wants to lie to there parents.

It's just plain stupid, A college survey conducted by the Boston University School of Public Health showed that among drinkers, those who were first drunk before the age of 13 were twice as likely to have unplanned sex and more than twice as likely to have unprotected sex, all it takes is one time, a couple drinks, and a blackout night. What if you were to get in your car and drive drunk your putting EVERYONE around you in danger, you don't want anyone's death and your stupid diction to alcohol,

Even though it is illegal to drink alcohol in the United States until you are 21, most teens can get access to alcohol, or will at least be exposed to it or have friends who drink. It is therefore up to you to make a decision whether to drink. Deciding to drink can have many harmful consequences. Usually, younger teens (under 16) are neither mentally nor physically developed enough to handle a strong drug like alcohol. Also, the earlier that one begins drinking, the more likely they are to have problem with alcohol later in life. Although most teens drink alcohol in order to fit in and look cool, they often end up doing foolish things due to the fact that they are drunk and may end up being embarrassed the nest day or having done or said something that they regret. Also, the next day you will suffer a hangover, which is not fun and includes, upset stomachs, headaches, dizziness and sensitivity to light and sound. Drinking may begin to interfere with your social life, sports and school work. Also, your parents will most likely disapprove of your drinking, and this could result in punishment and groundings. As well, it has been seen that teens who drink end up being more sexually active and having more unprotected sex with partners that they do not know



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